Best Network Server Racks and Enclosures of 2022 Buying Guige

Whether you’re setting up a full datacenter or simply need to clean up a corner of your office supply room, the best network server racks and enclosures will not only keep all of your networking equipment organised, but will also ensure that everything is well-ventilated and that no one trips over cables.

Best Network Server Racks and EnclosuresThese multi-purpose racks aren’t only for servers. Routers, switches, and even telecommunications and audio equipment may be mounted on them. Options vary from large floor-mounted units for dedicated server rooms to smaller enclosed wall-mounted cabinets with locks to keep non-technical people away from critical equipment. The finest network server racks and enclosures are a must-have for any dedicated server room, but they’re not just for professionals; they’re also ideal for small companies and even home users with a lot of gear who want to keep it tidy and safe.

Navepoint 42U Adjustable Depth 4-Post Open Frame Rack

Navepoint has you covered if you’re searching for a reliable and cheap full-sized rack. This four-post 42U rack can handle anything from telecom equipment and network switches to entire blade server assemblies. It supports all standard 19-inch rack-mount equipment, and the rack depth can be adjusted from 17 to 32.5 inches, giving you enough area for all standard Dell, HP, and IBM server sizes. With an 881-pound weight capacity, the solid four-post construction ensures that everything stays put, and you can either floor-mount it in your server room or use the accompanying four wheels to make it more mobile, but the 82-inch height means you won’t be able to transfer it from room to room.

Navepoint 12U Wall Mount Networking Cabinet

The Navepoint 12U premium IT server network rack, which weighs a heavy 71.2 pounds, is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a wall-mounted solution. The 12U supports standard 19-inch rack-mount equipment and has a maximum rail depth of 13 inches and a total useable area of 16 inches from front to rear. The side panels are detachable, allowing IT administrators or anybody working on network server management easy access both before and after installation. The open brackets on the top and bottom allow for simple cable and wire access, while the locking glass door keeps the equipment safe from physical entry. In addition, the detachable side panels include venting openings as well as twin built-in fans to keep the equipment cool.

Startech 25U Adjustable Depth 4-Post Open Frame Server Rack

The Startech 25U adjustable-depth open frame server rack cabinet is up to the task, whether it’s standard servers, network-attached storage devices, or telecommunications equipment. The Startech 25U has a broad range of mounting depth modifications from 22 to 40 inches deep and can hold up to 1,200 pounds of equipment. Optional extras such as casters, levelling feet, and cable management hooks are all provided right in the box, making the four-post rack totally configurable to your requirements. Because the Startech 25U is open, there is no protection at the rack level, so it’s best used in a secure environment. Finally, the Startech 25U not only provides enough storage in a compact design, but it also adheres to industry rack standards, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of equipment.

Tripp Lite 6U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure

The Tripp Lite 6U wall-mount server enclosure is a well-featured alternative with a maximum load capacity of up to 200 pounds. The heavy-duty steel structure can handle 19-inch equipment with perforated doors and side panels that provide optimal ventilation. It has a lockable door to prevent unauthorised personnel from obtaining access to network equipment, and it may open to the left or right to accommodate different room sizes. Furthermore, the Tripp Lite 6U has additional features like top and bottom cable ports for wire management, which may soon get out of hand depending on how much equipment you have within the 16.5-inch deep rack. Mounting is straightforward, and it may be done with optional casters for convenient travel, or it can be mounted to the wall right out of the box.

Startech 12U 2-Post Open Frame Network Rack

If you’re short on space, the Startech 12U heavy-duty open-frame server rack is excellent. It has ample storage capacity for network/server gear or telecom equipment. Buyers may enhance the 12U’s compatibility with industry-standard EIA-310-D compliance by having it sustain up to 350 pounds on the rack. Although the two-post mounting system has a compact footprint, it is designed and constructed to be stable. It may also be placed practically anywhere. A flat-packed box reduces shipping costs while having no effect on the rack’s assembly due to its tool-less construction.

Startech 8U Hinged Open Frame Wall Mount Network Rack

If you’re looking for an extremely open-frame design, Startech’s 8U RK819WALLO wall mount is a wonderful alternative for optimum airflow. The open-frame design aids in maintaining cooling temperatures, resulting in an extended equipment lifetime without the need for additional fans. The hinged design makes it simple to get to the back panels, where you can start attaching standard 19-inch servers or network equipment (and continually reach them post-installation). The high-quality steel structure and four-post design can support equipment weighing up to 140 pounds, giving you peace of mind that your equipment is secure.

Final Words

The Navepoint 25U is a medium-sized rack that is both affordable and simple to set up. If you don’t have a safe area for your equipment, the Navepoint 12U, which has a locking glass door to keep nosy hands away from your gear, is a good option.

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